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Light in the dark – An AP186 Activity (10)

We all have that one photo we took that somehow is dark. You get frustrated and asks if somehow you can see what you were taking a picture of. Well aren't you a lucky person, we're doing just that in... Continue Reading →


Input image, output music. LOL WHUT?! – An AP186 Activity (9)

They said laptop is not an instrument. THEY SAID MAKING MUSIC WITH A LAPTOP IS EASY! WELL GUESS WHAT, THEY ARE WRONG! AND WE WILL PROVE IT TO THEM!!! Rage comments aside, welcome to my blog again. Let's play some... Continue Reading →

Mighty MORPHING power operations – An AP186 Activity (8)

When we say morphing, we remember this guy right? ...Oh is it just me? Well, that's lame. How about this guy right here? For Dota 2 players like me, I guess we're on the same page now. For other demographic,... Continue Reading →

Chilling flames: Separating the twin-headed dragon – An AP186 Activity (7)

IMAGE SEGMENTATION -- That's what we're talking about today. If you wonder what's up with that, it's basically the magic wand tool in photo editing softwares these days. However, don't get your hopes up that we can make a magic-wand-like feature... Continue Reading →

Two thumbs UP! – An AP186 Activity (6)

In the previous blog, we saw what is FT and how it can be used practically. In this blog, we'll take it from there and give more properties like, Part 1: Big is small?! - Anamorphism Since the FT space... Continue Reading →

Fast & Fourier Transformers – An AP186 Activity (5)

Ain't it easy to change into something suitable whenever convenient? Just like the big Transformers!! I especially liked Optimus Prive since his car mode has always been cool to me. And not just that, but also . What I found fascinating... Continue Reading →

Size doesn’t matter…TECHNIQUE does – An AP186 Activity (4)

There are times when we need measurements for things we do not have at the moment and we only have an image of it. What do we do if we can't measure it ? Of course we won't cry! Let's measure it anyway... Continue Reading →

Masked: Looking through Apertures – An AP186 Activity (3)

All of us living creatures are always peeking at things through a hole all of the time. Not the one you're thinking perv! What I meant is through an aperture, like the one in our eyes, in our cameras. Right now, I'm... Continue Reading →

Digitize hand-drawn figures with Excel – An AP187 Activity (2)

Find yourself a hand drawn figure from the olden time but need to use it anyway for some reason? Fret not, let's make a digital copy of that using, you guessed it, EXCEL (or really any spreadsheet app)! First, we'll... Continue Reading →

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